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Practice Areas


We file and defend appeals, including personal injury, general liability, property damage, workers' compensation and Social Security, in state and federal courts throughout the region. We also prepare and assist in appeals initiated by other firms. 

Asbestos Litigation

We represent and defend clients in state and federal courts across Michigan.  We currently are involved in more than 2,000 active cases in more than 20 circuit courts in Michigan. 

Automobile Negligence

We handle the defense of automobile negligence matters including third party claims, PIP (personal injury protection) claims, PPI (payment protection insurance) claims and uninsured/underinsured claims.

Claims Management

We assist clients during the claims stage to keep costs down and avoid duplication of effort. We often are able to avoid litigation before suit is even filed. 


We represent clients in debt collection/subrogation litigation and garnishment cases arising from contractual agreements, property damage and product liability claims.

Commercial Law

We provide complete representation for commercial and general corporate matters including corporate transactions, uniform commercial code issues, real estate transactions, licensing and franchising, leasing, and collections actions, for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Commercial Litigation

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in contract and other business disputes, indemnity claims and insurance coverage disputes.

Construction Law

We represent general contractors and subcontractors in litigation involving personal injury, property damage, contract and indemnity disputes. 


We handle all aspects of federal and state environmental regulation, including asbestos, formaldehyde, hard metal, CERCLA (commonly known as Superfund), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) investigations/litigation, hazardous waste sites, Michigan Environmental Protection Act and PRP (potentially responsible party) notices.


If you (or someone you know) are interested in pursuing an expungement of a conviction under Michigan law, please contact Attorney Harrison Stackpole at (248) 362-3707 for a free consultation to see if this option is available to you.

Effective January 14, 2015, the Michigan Legislature enacted an amendment to the law regarding the setting aside of certain convictions, making it easier to have those convictions taken off a person’s criminal record. The amendment now allows persons convicted of one felony or not more than two misdemeanors (and subject to specific exceptions as enumerated under the revised Act) after a period of five years has passed since the conviction to seek an expungement.

Family Law

We provide complete representation for domestic matters including prenuptial agreements, annulments, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, marital and non-marital property division, spousal support, and pre- and post-judgment facilitation/arbitration.

Insurance / Self-Insured Retention

The primary focus of our practice is defending insured individuals, companies, and self-insureds in state, federal and appellate courts in matters including automobile accidents, tort, bad faith, subrogation, property and casualty losses, premises liability, slip and fall, liquor liability, food poisoning, construction accidents, aircraft and marine property damage, and self-insured and insufficient coverage. We also offer coverage analysis and represent insurance companies and policy holders in declaratory actions – judgments which declare the rights, duties or obligations of parties in a dispute.

Malpractice Defense

We represent attorneys, accountants, architects and realtors as well as residential care facilities, hospitals, insurance companies and self-insureds in malpractice claims.

Municipal Defense

We represent governmental units and their employees in a variety of litigation matters involving injury and property damage claims. 

Premises Liability

We represent property owners, both business and residential, in litigated matters involving personal injury and property damage claims.

Probate, Estate Planning and Trusts

We offer personal planning services for individuals and families including wills, powers of attorney (medical and financial), estate planning, and traditional and living trusts.  We also handle estate resolution including probate litigation, will contests, conservator and guardian proceedings, title transfers, trust administration and elder law.

Product Liability Litigation

We handle product liability and personal injury litigation claims including motorized vehicles, industrial machinery, elevators, escalators, moving walkways, drugs/pharmaceuticals, household appliances, electronic equipment and installations, toys and child products.

Real Estate

We represent the private sector, corporations, LLCs, financial institutions and others in buying, selling, and leasing real and personal property. This includes purchase offers, land contracts, closings, environmental issues and appeals. Other services include title research, tax assessments and deeds. We also litigate real estate claims, including land contract forfeiture, mortgage foreclosure, construction liens, evictions, landlord tenant disputes, neighborhood association disputes, eminent domain and adverse possession.

Risk Management

We offer customized risk management classes to help clients create and implement realistic and effective procedures to minimize liability. This includes solutions for overlooked loss prevention techniques to help minimize potential liabilities and recognize and collect information required for an effective defense.